For the building and construction market, your extrusion projects take on added value when they are thermally efficient.


At Astro Shapes, we utilize our production facilities and our expertise to properly fill and debridge or create a mechanical bond between polyurethane and metal.

Options are as follows:

  • The Azon two component polyurethane system is formulated to meet the most demanding tensile, impact elongation, UV and environmental conditions. The polyurethane is poured into a thermal break channel and ‘’set’’ in line and debridged.

  • The Polyamide Strips System is a process of mechanically locking polyamide with two or more extrusions. This system allows the flexibility of producing two-tone aluminum extrusions with high performance paint on the exterior while utilizing standard paint on the interior. The system also enhances our ability to redesign complex extrusions and expand our circle size.

  • Our system provides a superior product to more conventional systems with regards to straightness, twist, and shear strength.

  • Astro Shapes can also perform the Azo-Brader® technique on your extrusions, creating a mechanical bond between the polyurethane and the metal. Beneficial to all thermal applications, this process is highly recommended for metal in a mill finish or anodized state.

SI IP Test Method
Tensile strength 38 ± 7 N/mm² 5,500 ± 1,000 psi ASTM D-638
Elongation at break 20+ % 20+ % DIN 53455
Modulus of elasticity 1,655+ N/mm² 240,000+ psi DIN 53455
Impact strength 22.9 KJ/m² 10.9ft lb/in² DIN 53455
Notched izod impact 1.01 J/m 1.5ft lb/in minimum ASTM D-256
Thermal conductivity K-factor 0.158 W/m °K 0.0913 Btu-in/(hr-°F-ft²)
1.095 Btu-in/(hr-°F-ft²)
ASTM C-518
Heat distortion temperature at 66 psi 60°C minimum 140°F minimum ASTM D-648
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 1.68 x 104 cm/cm °C 9.34 x 105 in/in °F



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